Kind words from satisfied patients…

Sean gave me my life back.

He put me in a leg so that I can drive, I can bike, I can even hike with my family.  I was told before that I could not have the type of leg that would let me do these things.  But Sean literally gave me my life back and made me feel much more part of society than before.

-Chris, Cashmere

The entire staff is so nice and has developed a personal relationship with my son and our family.

“My young son is active, and as a result, his prosthetic often needs adjustment. The team at Cresap has always accommodated our busy schedule and they are great every time. The entire staff is so nice and has developed a personal relationship with my son and our family. We used to travel to Seattle for this service, but with the personal care and attention offered by Cresap Orthotic, we no longer need to travel.”

-Jamie, Wenatchee

They are friendly, responsive, understanding

“I have been a patient at Cresap Orthotic for over 10 years. They make it so easy for me; they are friendly, responsive, understanding, and they handle all the paperwork for me. They are consistently excellent. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need.”

-Marie, Waterville

I highly recommend them.

“I can’t say enough good things about the team at Cresap Orthotics. The entire team is incredibly friendly, considerate, and work well with their patients. They are technically skilled, professional and compassionate. I highly recommend them.”

-Rick, Wenatchee

He just goes above and beyond.

“Sean’s personal interactions and what he does for people – he goes above and beyond.  He doesn’t worry about anything except making the patient happy and doing whatever he can do for that person.  He does whatever he needs to do. I ended up going to Sean and saying, ‘This other guy made me a brace and it isn’t working, but he’s already charged my insurance.’  Sean just said, ‘Don’t worry about it; we’re going to get you a brace.’ And he did. He just goes above and beyond…he’s selfless.”

-Tiffanie, East Wenatchee